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Coatings / Conversion Varnish


Looking for a premium product that is versatile and user-friendly? AristoMax topcoat is a high-end, waterwhite, non-yellowing formula specifically designed for interior wood surfaces that are exposed to heat, wear, and moisture. With an easy application, you can spray confidently on all types of cabinetry and furniture.

FinishWorks AristoMax conversion varnishes offer maximum aesthetics, durability, and application flexibility.

AristoMax is a perfect solution for:

  • Kitchen cabinetry and furniture
  • Residential and commercial applications
  • Architectural millwork
  • Store fixtures and displays
  • High-solids applications

Offering Maximum








High Build


AristoMax is available in countless stunning colors and finishes. To find out more, contact your local FinishWorks today.

AristoMax conversion varnishes:

  • Provide excellent moisture resistance
  • Offer a complete high-solids coating system
  • Provide outstanding UV stability
  • Meet or exceed KCMA standards
  • Are ready-to-spray
Want to learn more?

AristoMax Product Offerings

White Conversion Varnishes

Opaque basecoats that extend the life of your topcoat. These products are formulated for use as stand-alone white pigmented systems or to be tinted with recommended colorants.

High-Coverage White Conversion Varnishes

Superior coverage. Tintable basecoats featuring “higher-hide” and ensuring proper adhesion for white and offwhite colors.

Clear Tint Base

Clear tint base for darker colors. This formula is designed for tinting mid to dark colors and enhancing the longevity of your finish.


Maximize the look and protection. AristoMax topcoats offer superior resistance against moisture, chemicals, UV rays, abrasion, and general wear and tear. Available in a variety of options to achieve the perfect look without sacrificing durability.


Fast-dry primers featuring great sand-ability. AristoMax primers provide a smooth, even surface offering enhanced adhesion. Available in high-solids formula.


A fast-dry sealer with excellent sand-ability and sag resistance. AristoMax sealer is applied prior to topcoat in order to achieve a uniform appearance. This product will help minimize issues such as wood grain raise and uneven absorption of your topcoat. 


One catalyst to serve them all. AristoMax catalyst is compatible with all AristoMax products, helping to facilitate the curing and hardening process.